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A few decades ago, the Internet might have been considered rocket science.

If you needed information you would get it from books at the library.

If you needed to know the latest news, then you would watch TV or listen to the raido.

The postal service was a popular way to send letters to loved ones.

To buy products, you would walk or drive to the store.

Reviews were not even available unless you personally knew someone who had previously purchased the product or used the service. Or maybe you could subscribe to a magazine that had already published a product or service review.

Reviews for the products and services from local companies were rarely published in magazines or even trade journals. Local business owners had to rely primarily on word of mouth, referrals, direct mail or even in some cases, bandit signs and door hangars. Very expensive and not a very efficient method of marketing a local business.

But now with the Internet, things have changed for the better for local business owners. Local consumers can now receive all the above mentioned things online. With technology leaping and bounding the way it is at the moment, things are moving faster than ever.

It is a lot easier for local businesses to capitalize on the whole online revolution.

Local companies find it easy to go online and advertise themselves. The internet is often the first place consumers turn to for product and service information. But we have to keep in mind a few things. There is an old saying which goes like this: Do not judge a book by its cover. But that saying is perhaps not as applicable today on the Internet. When a potential customer visits your website, they undoubtedly will judge you by what they see and read.

So a good first impression online with your business website matters a lot.

A professional web design for your local business is needed to optimize for the following:

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    • Call 925-394-4875. Get the phone ringing from more local customers

  • Potential customers: With a good website design you can acquire a lot of paying customers. These days many consumers when they need information about a particular product or service, the first place they start searching is online. So to make sure you tap into this. “Professional” as in one that is aesethically pleasing to eye, but more importantly a website design that optimizes the content for both visitors and search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. This is important so that when potential customers search for the products and services that you offer, your local business would be among the first listed in the search engines.
  • Sales tool: A professional web design is a great sales tool. Depending on what you want to sell to customers, if your site is easy to navigate and at the same time offers all they need they would readily do business with you because the information they need is right at their fingertips. These \”educated consumers\” can be highly motivated buyers that did not have to leave their homes or offices to go to research your products or services. By publishing your business contact information on the website, sales could be greatly increased.
  • Creative design: As stated previously, first impression matter. When you set up your website to look professional, you rise above the dozens or perhaps hundreds of others companies competing with you in market by offering the same products and service. So when prospective customers look at your website and find it lacking, they can easily move on to the next local business and see if it is worth the time.
  • Interactive: A professionally designed website for local business is interactive, allows customers a place to write reviews and provide feedback. Prospective customers look for reviews before purchasing products or services and many local business owners neglect to focus on reviews.
  • Prospective customers: When publishing a professional website in San Ramon, you have keep potential customers in mind. You have to be straight to the point and fast about it because people are not interest in spending a long time reading \”walls of text\” on your website. Nor are they patient when it comes to websites that are not intuitive or difficult to navigate. Also there are limited amounts you can tell people in an advertisement. As well you can not take liberties with prospective customers by being overly expressive. This is called copywriting and it is an art and a science. In general you should only convey what is needed and avoid adding superfluous trivia or \”creative\” writing that does not influence certain buyer signal/responses. This is one of the fastest ways of closing new clients which involves those ideas presented on a website which helps build trust as quickly as possible.

    • Call 925-394-4875. Get the phone ringing from more local customers

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